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Microsoft Security Essentials End Of Life Windows 7


Tweaking.com - Windows RepairMore >> Bored? They won't upgrade. So yes, Windows 8 still has a lot of work to be done, but for Microsoft, it was essential to at least get their foot in the door, unless they want I want him to use the 2009-vintage Lenovo S10e Netbook gathering dust in the study, because it's already been paid for. get redirected here

I'm not sure why. Microsoft has been pushing hard to get users to upgrade to a new version of the operating system from Windows XP and it began a big push to get people to Made everything faster! 0 3 years ago Reply Schikitar I'm upgrading our school to 8.1 currently, nearly 700 machines - only another 250 or so to go... I get tons of infected XP PCs, it's the worst platform to be on out there, if you want a minimum of security. http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-may-end-antivirus-updates-on-xp-in-april/

Microsoft Security Essentials End Of Life Windows 7

If you require support for an earlier version, you may be required to update to the latest version of the product during the support process. As time goes on, more and more critical security holes will be found, and attackers will have free reign to exploit them. Here's 101 Useful Websites With Easy to Remember Names The Best Drive Cleaners and Registry Cleaners Fix Most Windows Errors and Problems With Tweaking.Com Windows Repair 3.9.27 (Video) Speed up That Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Collapse - If XP support has stopped, why am I still getting updates?

I use AVG for anti-virus on that system, and of course it updated itself. Those compatibility patches still get updates.That's all I have seen since April 2014 but as I said, it isn't in regular use. by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / October 24, 2014 9:51 AM PDT Question:If Windows XP support has stopped, why am I still getting updates?I thought Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Is Microsoft Security Essentials Still Supported For Windows 7 Which isn't bad as I still liked Windows 7 more than I like Windows 8.1 (mainly because I don't use the start screen at all but the start menus on desktop

mogs RE: Microsoft may end antivirus updates on XP in April 4th Nov, 2013 15:29 Score: Posts: 6,279User Since: 22nd Apr 2009System Score: N/ALocation: UK -- Was this reply relevant?+0-0 mogs Microsoft Security Essentials Support Ending If you don’t need these applications, you should probably uninstall them to lock down your XP system as much as possible.PCWorld senior writer Brad Chacos got sick of the constant security Microsoft's message about the advantages of consistently updated software is well-covered ground. It's not like Postscript or PCL days.

And to the benefit of all web developers: IE8 is dead, long live IE9+! 0 3 years ago Reply sahib lopez DIE XP DIE.... Microsoft Security Essentials Vista End Of Life This won't be the last one. It was reported widely in the trade press, with a better explanation, to wit. Here is Microsoft's announcement about the end of support for Windows XP.

Microsoft Security Essentials Support Ending

Ruh-roh. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/if-xp-support-has-stopped-why-am-i-still-getting-updates-629157/ MajorGeeks.Com » News » November 2013 » Microsoft may end Security Essentials antivirus updates on XP in April Microsoft may end Security Essentials antivirus updates on XP in April Posted by: Microsoft Security Essentials End Of Life Windows 7 But it sure as hell is more relevant in to day's mobile world than any Windows OS to come before it. Microsoft Security Essentials Vista Update I also have to agree with those who say it's time to move on to Windows 7 or 8.1.

Then I saw your post about XP still be sold at inflated prices! Get More Info Smart attackers are likely waiting to exploit holes they already know about. At the time of this F.A.Q, the latest major versions of these products are version 22.x. The misunderstanding is that some people currently think that all antivirus support will end for the operating system – that is simply not true. Microsoft Security Essentials Support Ending Vista

Unless you really need Java for a specific purpose, you should uninstall it. Well, the company will stop providing new antivirus definitions for the software. With only a few months left before support ends, Microsoft is likely hoping for a good sells quarter for Windows 8 as XP users continue to upgrade. http://img4skype.com/microsoft-security/microsoft-security-essentials-windows-8.html This long life of XP is something Microsoft should be proud, though.

Though Windows 7 stands a good chance to take XP place. Microsoft Security Essentials Xp Alternative If you’re still using Office 2003—or, even worse, Office XP— you should update to a newer, supported version of Office for improved security. I used to have Microsoft Windows XP 64bit (don't ask me the number!), I have moved to Windows Microsoft 7 x64 mainly to keep up-to-date.At present i have had no problems

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Because we know persuading users to click isn't always that hard to do, a patch for this one is definitely welcome," said Lumension forensics and security analyst Paul Henry. i do know xp was a great os for its time but its time for xp to retire :) 0 3 years ago Reply peachy001 I am not a cheap ass, I have yet to come across the average family or grandpa PC on XP that is not infected with viruses, trojans, malware, adware or PUPs, or the lot, ... Microsoft Security Essentials Vista Problems Having old hardware is no excuse - Windows 8 actually runs faster than XP on XP-era hardware (probably due to all the optimizations to get it to run on tablets and

While Microsoft Security Solutions may provide support until 2015, security and bug fixes for the operating system will cease this April 8. After this April, there will simply not be enough protection for users still on the platform. They have become rarer in recent years, hence their importance when they surface. this page If the applications drop support for XP then you must stop using them.

These last 11 bulletins cover Internet Explorer, Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office software, bringing the total number of patches released by the Redmond firm in 2013 to 106, up from It means the OS was THAT good. 0 3 years ago Reply SwimSwim While it does mean the OS was /THAT/ good, that also means that the succeeding OS's weren't good You don’t have to go to Windows 8, but you can’t stay here—not for long, at least. New copies of Windows 7 or 8 cost nearly $100, however, and they might not run on hardware from the XP era, so you could be better off just buying a

Antivirus-testing company AV-TEST asked 30 different antivirus companies about their plans for Windows XP support and all of them committed to support Windows XP until at least April 8, 2015. Point-of-sale. Also gets a PC wizard global benchmark of 212 which is awful yet back on XP it benchmarks at 599 still very very bad but at least the CPU isn't nearly Once I'm fully up to speed with Linux and mission control (who uses a Macbook Pro) has gone beyond "It's quite like my Mac isn't it" to actually being able to

by nimd4 / November 2, 2015 7:48 PM PST In reply to: @ben_myers Jesus, I'm unable to edit my comment?! Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it. Random Photo: Now What? We're hearing from you and others that this didn't fix the problem...

For example, the hospital where I worked until last year is on XP and installs it on new computers because their (quite new and modern) software runs through IE7 - and Random Photo: Like 8 Bit Games? If new exploits are found in the operating system after this April that hackers could take advantage of to compromise your data, Microsoft will not be issuing any sort of patch