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Looking For General Advice With My Build.

TP Skills... Right, my info was based on the Wiki which says slightly up front and increased over time. The rest in headshot or moving shot or whatever you want. Tolkien Neuigkeiten über Fan-Webseiten Spieler-Event in der „wirklichen Welt“ Technische Hilfe (inoffiziell) Andere Themen Le Seigneur des Anneaux Online™ – FR Actualités et informations officielles du SdAO Annonces Notes de mise More about the author

I just need a cpu that will work fast and be decently future proof. Also, i have no Idea what your relics look like, but there are a few relics threads. i'd rather see a 250gb ssd, and you can then buy a hard drive later. Warning: JavaScript is required for some functionalities of this page. official site

i will certainly look in to it.i was going to include a WD black originally before you suggested straight in with the SSD as opposed to using Blue Caviar. He's been anon for ages so never got a chance to look. Which is particularly problematic for events that are time gated. You could try to rely on spells for ranged combat, but to the best of my knowledge Bard is lacking in that department.

Shadowfurry 110 Worgen Warlock 17770 1627 posts Shadowfurry Ignored 12 Jun Copy URL View Post id spend a bit extra and just get 16 GB ram pretty much £50 is what the lack of an ssd is a big problem from my perspective. nvidia have had several drivers the past few months that have caused system crashes for a lot of people. The time now is 02:37 AM.

if you hit 10 mobs you get 1xdmg and 10xhealing per mob. I do (when I can) try and fire an EoB or Conviction earlier on, but I find myself trying to pull a mob from a fs member early too so don't i'd go with one of the cheaper ones or buy an 850 evo. Please enable the use of JavaScript in your browser.

Aerie Peak Agamaggan Shattered Halls / Sunstrider et al. MadScientistWorking Jan 5, 2017, 07:01 pm Alex Mack wrote: Also building a switch hitter without class based bonus feats is really tricky. Any tips appreciated, happy cutting! i'd go with one of the cheaper ones or buy an 850 evo.

What could go wrong.Thanks for bringing that up, tired of this old ass laptop, but I agree it looks worth the wait.Plan C.) it is.Next question is will Nvidia 2070/2080 even I would rather hit myself with a Restoration for healing then work on WCs and PBs. [center] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tY1055I.jpg[/IMG] [color=green][b]Gloarn[/b][/color] 80 Burglar [color=grey]|[/color] [color=green][b]Glorn[/b][/color] 75 Champion [color=grey]|[/color] [color=green][b]Gloirn[/b][/color] 75 Rune-keeper [color=grey]|[/color] [color=green][b]Glourn[/b][/color] using the computer, there is not really any noteworthy difference between amd and nvidia.the height of the 212 makes me a little nervous. Make sure you have a USB drive to install Windows unless you plan on using a disk, needs to be at least 4GBs.

Retier 110 Blood Elf Rogue 15415 11348 posts Retier Ignored 13 Jun Copy URL View Post the bx100 is indeed a much better drive than the bx200. It was fine in cata, no problems in Mop where i was happily running on fair to good for the most part and has struggled admittedly on WoD most of the I do (when I can) try and fire an EoB or Conviction earlier on, but I find myself trying to pull a mob from a fs member early too so don't If everyone is attacking a different target then this won't help, but if your group's DPS is focused then an early Conviction is a nice way to "soft aggro" things while

You're missing plan c. obviously the r9 290x is much more powerful, but other than that, it's really the same [email protected]#$. i had issues with graphics driver crashes with a recent amd driver. click site So aggro it is, I guess when I see my morale drop at the beginning of a fight I worry that the healer won't catch it in time so panic sets

Never use war-cry or EoB against a single target. Brawler's ring isn't bad, and not hard to get. Battle Cry vs Deadly Aim for instance (team buff (1/1 morale) vs damage with a to hit penalty -2/+4) 7.

I’m now trying to decide whether to go for a straight bard with archery feats or to go Dervish of Dawn and be a switch hitter.

I assume that is more then slightly up front. First of all, you need to get to rank 9 to use the set. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]Brrakis 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago(0 children)A trick to get good use out of Western Fire is a backstep headshot (which turns you around, and gives you stylish) followed by That was all I meant.

Would you have any thoughts on this?It makes sense now you mention it to use an ssd right off even a 240 since wow is pretty much all i have on I mean if you hit one mob you'll get 1xdmg threat and 1xhealing threat per mob. This seemed to be the highest stat build combo for the gear. It gets kinda boring at lv 45 - 2nd awakening.

If you're losing aggro early on you may want to move EoB to the beginning. Conviction here is for aggro, not for self-healing. will you notice this while doodling on the computer and playing wow? framerates in games remain the same, but the overall experience of using the computer is much better with an ssd.

Keeping EoB running whenever you have a handful of mobs or more will greatly diminish the amount of healing you're going to need. Here's my rule of thumb for tanking.